Mykonos, a Cosmopolitan Destination in Cyclades

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Have you ever traveled to Greece? A wonderful destination that takes you by storm from the very first moment you arrive till the moment you leave, attraction is fatal. You cannot help but fall in love with the islands, especially those with the distinctive whitewashed architecture and the warm and hospitable locals. One such island is Mykonos, but it is much more than that.

Mykonos is a cosmopolitan destination, world renowned not only for its white houses with the blue shutters, the domed churches and the cobbled pathways. The island is also known for the windmills, a true landmark of Mykonos that took advantage of the strong winds blowing on the island to generate power and cover the needs of the locals.

It is also famous for the turquoise beaches. Beaches that cover all tastes and preferences can be found across the Mykonian coastline. Whether you seek a tranquil shelter to stay away from it all or a popular beach that attracts celebrities and jet-setters, Mykonos is just the place to be. Fine golden sand and crystalline waters, fierce rocks forming amazing landscapes and much more! This is what you will find upon arrival at the mesmerizing island of Mykonos.

What about entertainment? Well, Mykonos has paved the way and is one of the top destinations worldwide for endless fun. If you are looking for a place where people dance till the morning light and only rest for a few hours, before heading to the beach bars, then Mykonos is your number one choice. Amazing clubs and beach bars, places where wild parties are thrown and where DJs organize their gigs – Mykonos has it all!

Abundant alcohol and great artists, all the latest hits and modern facilities, this is the key to success for Mykonos. Everyone comes to the island with one thing in mind. They want to have fun and they are not willing to give that up. Travelers are enchanted by the vibes of the island, as they visit the most popular clubs and bars. And even for something less intense, what can be more exciting than an evening lounging by the swimming pool or next to the harbor? Five star hotels offer awesome pool bars, while Mykonos Town is an experience on its own.

Are you ready for the “Mykonos experience”? If your answer is “yes”, pack your bags and don’t forget to bring your swimsuit, along with your best mood! You are in for a great surprise in Mykonos!

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Why Travelling is Great?

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If there is one thing that would make a person experience and enjoy life more, it is to be able to explore the world more through travelling. Not the travel that we know of such as taking vacations to somewhere we’ve been to nor a pre-planned trip but taking a journey on a place you’ve never set foot before in an open schedule to be able to know the wonderful opportunities that you couldn’t imagine before.

There are a million reasons why travelling is amazing. It best captures us in the feeling of wanderlust being sufficed, the longing to visit a particular place, cultures to immerse into, and of course the food. Below you could find a few more reasons why travelling is beneficial to you and your soul. Read on!

1. Travelling lets you find a brand new purpose. 

Travelling, among other things, is one of the most undervalued investments for yourself. You may have a car, a new mobile phone or any form of gadgets and enjoy it, but there is nothing like travelling. Through visiting other countries, you don’t just experience its scenic views but you also get to experience the culture of its people as well as their lifestyles. By seeing other people’s perspectives and takes on things, you get a chance to question your own purpose in this world and you will get surprised how travelling could create new sense on life purpose as well as its direction. However, make sure that you are travelling with the right type of car. If you’re travelling in Brisbane; make sure that your mobile truck mechanic Brisbane is working fine.

2. Travelling lets you appreciate your home country more. 

When you are always nagging about the slow speed of the internet or the bills you pay on your mobile plans, imagine what life other people are living when they don’t have electricity and other gadgets inside their houses. Once you travel, you expose yourself to the realities of the world and the luxury that you keep nagging about is the same luxury that other citizens of the world don’t even catch a glimpse on. Travelling to places could help you realize that you are indeed lucky enough not to be living in a country stricken with poverty or corruption and lets you appreciate more with what you have.

3. Travelling lets you realize that you know little about the things in the world.

Some information about the other parts of the world is disclosed in the four corners of the classroom. Some of these are truth while most of it is actually myths. When you travel, you get to dispel most of these myths and in fact enjoy countries where you’ve always been conditioned not to visit. Moreover, travelling could also make you realize that there are still a lot of good people around the world and strangers could get very friendly.

4. Travelling is the best thing to create friendships. 

Travelling, especially when you do it alone, could be the best avenue to create new friendships. There is a wonderful feeling when you just see how people open up the stories of their lives real and authentic especially when they are away from the place where they are conditioned to act like somebody their not. Travelling creates these kinds of scenarios.


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Tips on Travelling 

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There is nothing more desirable than travelling to a lot of places around the world. When you belong to the millennial generation or you are probably a little bit older, travelling to places could be the best feeling on earth and that’s backed-up by a lot of sociological studies. Places like Paris, New York, London or Hong Kong are only few of the cities mostly visited of a lot of people from all the corners of the world. These cities are big and offer some destinations that bring out an all-new experience because of its history, art as well as culture.

If you are planning to travel on a summer, on a long weekend or just anytime that you are available, you must be very careful to the places you visit because number one, you are not from there and second, you might get your life at risk if you forget to be very cautious.

Below is a list of the few things you need to remember when you are travelling abroad. Read on!

1.Don’t let the locals distract you. 

When there are kids or any person that would come up straight at you, begging or giving you a piece of paper or anything that would let you read something, make sure that you safely get rid of them and make sure to take care of your belongings. Most if not all of these people are thieves and this will be just a distraction so that their nifty fingers could grab your valuables.

2. Don’t lose eye on your luggage

When you are a light traveler and all of your important belongings are stored in a single bag, it is very important to secure it well. Regardless if the worth isn’t that big, you’ve got YOUR things there and if it seems that these things are of little value, people in the countries you will visit might thing otherwise. When you keep your luggage safe means you have to really secure it in any way so that you could prevent and stop anybody from stealing it. One way to secure your luggage is to use padlocks, bag mesh protector and the likes.

3. Be cautious about your cash and credit cards

Travel wallets may come very handy especially when you are visiting a new country. Money and credit cards are the very things that are ‘hot’ in the eyes of thieves so you don’t want to end up broke especially when you are in a country far from your own. You also have to secure a back up for your credit card such as a photocopy of them, or a password protected soft copy on your laptop.

4. Always be alert

When you are travelling in a city for the first time in your life and you don’t have an idea with the kind of people you are dealing with, keep your wits especially when you are walking downtown. Usually, you can tell whether you have been fooled and wandered into a different area by looking at the people walking around, how the buildings look like as well as the shop fronts on the streets. When you don’t notice that there are no other tourists around and the people seems so threatening, walk back to the direction where you came from or find a quicker way to get out.

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Places to Visit Before You Die 

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A lot of individuals have created their own version of travel bucket list since time immemorial. There are a lot of scenic sites, luscious food, and wonderful cultures around the world that are waiting to be experienced and enjoyed out there by travelers. However, there are five very amazing places that are enjoyed by different people around the world. Because choosing a specific place for all travelers to visit is sort of subjective, the places on this list are a must-see for almost everybody, whatever age, gender and preference you have!

Before going on to the list, a few things need to be remembered by wanderlusts out there. First, some of these countries have specific cultures that may or may not restrict your own preference in facets such as fashion, manners, food and the likes. Since you are the ‘tourist’, you always have to pay respect to the beliefs and culture of the host countries so that you will not end up dismayed because you get barred at the airport or the tourist spot and things like that.


1.The Great Wall of China

This place is not something new because the Great Wall is one of the oldest surviving human architecture in the whole wide world. The wall is 2000 years old and runs to 5000 miles long. The wall is also one important place that China’s history holds dearly. The accessible parts of the wall runs for 70 miles from Beijing, thus, it is very convenient for visitors to pay a visit and enjoy the wonderful scenery this place has in store. Because this standing piece is one of the most amazing structures in human history, it is almost always filled with tourists. According to most tourist sites, the Great Wall welcomes a total of 10 million visitors a year. This is precisely the reason why when you want to visit this massive piece of art, it is recommended to visit during the week and not on holiday seasons because millions of people around the world visit the site.

2. The Louvre

If you are interested with the arts, the Louvre is one of the most amazing places to go. This museum is home for timeless pieces of art and it’s also home for some of the most influential, monumental and symbolic artworks in the human history. From Picasso and Monet, to the ever-famous Mona Lisa, the Louvre is the place to be. The museum is one of the most visited museums in the world, with over 8 million travelers per year.

3. Venice

The city of Venice in Italy is an amazing city because it is actually made out of 118 islets all interconnected with canals. Although there are a hundred reasons why Venice is a very wonderful place to pay a visit before you die, scientists say that the one reason why you should already visit the city is because it is slowly fading. The city is sadly sinking for about two inches per decade because of the geological shifts. At the end of this century, Venice is expected to sink. While in Venice, never forget to visit the Grand Canal, the city’s main canal.

4. The Great Pyramid of Giza

This is one of the most amazing man-made architecture ever stood up in history. The exact date of when the pyramid is built is still a mystery, but more or less this was made 4000-5000 years ago. It stands at a grand 450 feet tall and made out of million limestone blocks that weigh an average of two tons. The place could easily be accessed through a cab from Cairo or you could also use a camel ride for experience. However, make sure to barter with the merchant so that you don’t necessarily pay a lot.


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